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Starting My Hair Business... My Why

Updated: Jun 6, 2019

For the past two and half years, I have actively been working to build my hair company brand from the ground up. I first had this vision and idea of creating my own company brand in 2012, but out of fear of "everyone else is doing it," I let my vision fall by the wayside. As the daughter of a hairstylist, I am no stranger to the ins and outs of the hair business. The black hair business is a multi-billion dollar industry that mostly profits people that have no idea what black hair signifies to the women and men that carry that crown. Like most black woman, I have invested ludicrous amounts of dollars to keep and maintain my mane in some way or fashion. I have shopped with hair companies and fell in love with the product they offer but the minute I got any whim of distaste in the service that came along with the products, I stopped spending my dollar with them. I have also shopped with businesses that I love based off the energy or morale of the company brand, only to be disappointed when products their products do not match what is advertised or have been changed down the line to keep up with the market.

The struggle that led me back to my lost vision, was finding the balance between both--a brand that exudes great energy, offers the best quality products, and truly values customer service. My first real job was at Chick-fil-a; so if you are familiar with the brand, you know they do not take the customer experiences lightly. The companies impressive customer service scores is in fact a key factor into the organizations explosive growth. I simply want to take the knowledge and training honed from working with that company and apply it to my own. Making it the leading source for great products and an even better customer experience.

I have researched relentlessly to find the right vendor to supply my business. It took a lot of my time and effort but I eventually found one that exudes the type of quality I look for when purchasing hair extensions. My hair is not marketed with gimmicks widely used in the extension world like: "mink",Brazilian, Mongolian, Peruvian, or any other country or termed used to set hair apart. Number grading such as, 8-12A hair is also a ploy commonly used.

Extensive research led me to know that majority of the hair being sold to patrons around the world generates from South East Asian companies. The only major factors that separate hair types known are, raw, remy, or virgin hair. Raw hair simply means that no processing took place from the time the hair was cut from the donors head and stitched unto wefts. It as as natural as it gets with human hair and relatively more expensive than the other types. Remy hair is sourced from multiple donors then manually aligned by the cuticles to be stitched into wefts. This is usually do to the technique used to collect the hair. The hair cannot my dyed or lifted and often contains synthetic blends to ensure fullness. This type of hair is the cheapest of the few and is being widely sold to consumers under false pretenses in most cases.

My company only sells virgin hair collected from single donors. The hair is naturally aligned by the cuticles and sewn into double-wefts to ensure it remains tangle free and omits any shedding. This method also entails that the fullness of the hair from the wefts to the ends.

As my business continues to grow, I look forward to sharing more information and knowledge with my customers or other people interested in making their own name and niche in this business world. My main goal as now is to make sure every customer is happy with the experience and even more happier with the products rendered from my company Rsquared² Collection LLC. I am kicking off the launch of my website by hosting a raffle giveaway of 3 bundles of our top selling hair! The raffle will be conducted from May 21-June 10th. $5 tickets and more information on the raffle itself may be see in the "SHOP" tab of our website. (Sidebar: I cannot believe this is finally coming together... I am a growing business owner!)

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