What Is Virgin Hair

What is Virgin Hair?

Virgin hair extensions are all the rave these days, and as the hype continues to climb, the common question still remains--what is virgin hair? Well, don't worry, Babe, we are here to cut through the noise and answer your question. "Virgin hair" is a term used to describe hair extensions that have never been chemically processed. The hair extension industry is booming! As a result, more hair suppliers are popping up across social media and digital marketplaces claiming to have the best virgin hair available to you. But you and I both know the feeling of being tricked into buying "virgin" hair extensions that were complete TRASHHHH! So, step into our champagne room and bring a pen with you. We are going to hair extension school, and lesson one spills Rosé on "What is Virgin Hair."

Virgin Hair

Virgin hair extensions are human hair strands, typically collected from a single donor or an individual. Single donor virgin hair extensions ensure cuticles are aligned, and the quality of the hair remains consistent throughout each bundle. To qualify as virgin hair, all hair collected must meet rigorous standards. That means not being permed, dyed, colored, bleached, and chemically processed in any way; before collection and throughout the process of creating extensions. These altering techniques are commonly used to give non-virgin hair a false sense of luster and uniformity that usually wears off after installing and styling.

Virgin hair extensions are steam-treated for their infamous patterns to achieve the various hair textures such as Body Wave, Loose Wave, or Deep Wave. Steaming is a natural process that improves hair quality by using heat to open the hair's cuticles to add moisture to each strand and reduce breakage. Overall, raw virgin hair collected from a single donor is the highest quality of hair extensions available. Raw single donor hair extensions are healthier, fuller in density, and less likely to tangle. They also have minimal shedding (all human hair sheds, don't believe the lies) and can typically last two-plus years with proper maintenance and care. However, raw, single donor virgin hair extensions are the best quality and are more expensive. 

Remy Hair 

Remy hair extensions are often marketed as "virgin Remy hair." However, Remy hair extensions do not always mean virgin hair. Instead, Remy refers to how the hair is collected from donors and how the hair is manufactured into extensions. Remy hair is human hair collected from donors to keep their cuticles intact and aligned. Hair marketed as Remy is typically made from the hair of multiple donors, resulting in different color and length variations throughout individual bundles. Remy hair extensions may or may not be processed to achieve desired looks that create consistency and shine. However, Remy hair is usually good quality and can last up to one year with proper care and maintenance. Therefore, Remy hair extensions are more affordable than virgin hair extensions.

Peruvian, 12a Grade, & Mink Hair 

Besides the struggle of deciding between a middle or side part, another common debate is whether one should choose Peruvian, Mink, or number graded hair extensions. Now I will let you in on a secret. Most hair extensions are exported from Asian countries such as China, Myanmar, and India. More than 50% of hair extensions produced are shipped from Hong Kong (a region in China). Roughly 1% of hair extensions are actually "Brazilian" hair. So when you come across hair advertised as Brazilian or Peruvian, you should ask questions to determine if that is the hair's true origin. Countries like Peru are vast importers of Chinese goods. So it is very likely that hair extensions can be sourced from China and sold from countries like Peru, marketed as Peruvian hair extensions.

Other marketing tactics widely shared in the hair extension and wig industry include a numbered grade system (7a, 8a, 9a, 10a, 12a). Grade systems are used to quantify hair extensions based on their quality. Usually, the higher the grade, the better quality of the hair, supposedly. However, this is not always the case. So beware of suppliers that only use a grading system. MInk hair extensions are another tactic used when selling hair online. I hate to break it to you, but Mink hair is not an actual type of hair extension. Still, it is usually implied to market hair extensions as better quality in the market. If you choose to shop for mink hair, be sure to ask questions about the hair's origin and collection/manufacturing process

Rsquared² Collection Luxury Hair

Stop going in circles and get squared away with the best hair extensions! Here at Rsquared² Collection, we like to keep it honest with our Champagne Babes. Rightfully so, we only source the best hair extensions from vendors that operate with integrity and similar company values. Our extensions and lace products are 100% virgin hair from a single donor. Our hair is 100% cuticle aligned and machine sewed into double wefts. RSC hair products then go through a rigorous quality control process of cleaning and steaming the hair for desired styles. As a result, our hair is full from the wefts to the end and is known to last three-plus years with proper maintenance and care. 

Our hair products are sourced from South East Asia. Donors are willing participants that may be compensated for their hair or donate it for religious beliefs.

Should you have any questions or concerns about our products, please feel free to contact us via email (support@rsquared2collection.com), or DM us on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook. If you are interested in shopping our collections for the first time, click here for an exclusive discount code. Cheers to you Babe, now go shop and be merry!🥂