Become a RSC Brand Ambassador

We are so thrilled that you're interested in joining our Brand Ambassador Program! By entering this program, your social media posts and blogs will help us expand our global reach by spreading the word about our premium hair products with your unique network. We are seeking bold, charismatic, direct, fierce, and socially engaging applicants that love to keep their hair laid! Is that you? 

Becoming an RSC Brand Ambassador means you agree to our 90-day contract to receive access to our products at an exclusive price. You'll also get a unique, custom referral code made just for you to  share with your network of friends/followers.

Once an order is placed using your referral code, our team will begin to track the number of referrals for each Brand Ambassador. Your referrals must use your unique code within 45 days to remain an active Brand Ambassador.

Contracted Brand Ambassadors will also receive a brand style guide complete with everything that is to know about Rsquared Collection Luxury Hair, including content ideas. Contracted ambassadors also have the ability to join social media strategy sessions with our marketing team.

Brand Ambassador Milestones:

10 Referrals = Complimentary Hair Accessories

20 Referrals = Earned Commission of 5% of subtotal (not including taxes & shipping fees)

30 Referrals = 3 Complimentary Bundles (12” - 20”)

Within the 90 Day Contract:

  1. Brand Ambassadors must follow and tag us on all active social media platforms and use our hashtags: #RSCLuxHair #ChampagneBabe
  1. Brand Ambassadors must produce a minimum of 10 pieces of content
  • 5 or more photos + 5 short format videos (30-60 seconds)
  • 8 or more photos + 2 long format video (3 minutes +)
  1. Content must be high-quality, clear images, and videos with a limited use of filters.
  2. Content must showcase RSC hair in honest and positive light that upholds the core values of Rsquared² Collection

    After 90 Days:

    1. Active Brand Ambassadors will be invited to extend their contract 
    2. If not invited to extend contractual agreement, eligible (active) Brand Ambassadors must wait a minimum of 30 days before reapplying 

    Eligibility for reapplication means Brand Ambassadors must sustain an “active status”. An active ambassador meets the minimum content requirements and refers at minimum 2 commissionable product sales through online sale channels:, Instagram Shop, or Facebook Market within a 45-day period through the use of their unique referral code.

    For questions, contact us by completing this form and a member of our customer service team will reach out during business hours.

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