Our Brand Story

Hey Champagne Babe, 

I’m Auree, owner of Rsquared Collection. My girls call me Rosé- and you can too! I am the frequent face you see while browsing our website.

Growing up with my mom as a hairstylist, I loved seeing the beautiful transformation  of every woman in the salon. My mom’s  brand “Image is Yours” not only illustrated her love for hair, but embodied her ability to show up as her best self in every room she walked in. My mom taught me that image isn’t everything, but it’s mine to define! Looking back, that’s when I fell in love with hair.  I started this company  as an extension to my lifestyle blog, Reimagining Rosé, a brand focused on celebrating  ourselves. My journey to this brand is intentional and personal.

For years, I was in pursuit of becoming a better version of myself and reconnecting with the person I knew I wanted to be. So in 2018, I took a leap of faith and left the big city of Atlanta for the calmer vibe of Savannah. With a new home, in a new city, and a new found sense of freedom, it was time to pursue my goals of entrepenurship. Grounded in my faith as the foundation for everything I do, I started RSquared. A luxury hair experience that is committed to providing you with the consistency you deserve….consistent  quality, consistent service, and consistent  vibes.

I’m dedicated to giving you a hair company that's committed to women like you, who are intentional about living their best life and celebrating every win! Together, we are bold, fierce and rebellious go-getters, who strive to look and feel our best. Our hair is an extension of the confidence and beauty that lies in each of us. Welcome to RSquared! 

Cheers to Life, Love and Good Hair, 

Auree Rosé